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[Bug]Terrible battery life New Post attach_img New Frosty Yesterday 22:40 248 spdiv 8 hour(s) ago
[Bug]Quick settings not working from the lockscreen. New Post New BlackNebulaR 3 day(s) ago 2108 BlackNebulaR 11 hour(s) ago
Weird chinese app - who knows what it is? attach_img New magicghoul The day before yesterday 05:28 1108 Frosty Yesterday 22:15
Camera poor quality! New Post ecl27 2016-12-25 5610 donnybrasco Yesterday 19:13
[Bug]Big problem: Apollo (x25) Restarts Ramdomly all the time New Post New Kramer Yesterday 04:40 062 Kramer Yesterday 04:40
phone is not charging, if screen is on New vernee108 3 day(s) ago 155 vernee108 3 day(s) ago
Apollo - sound recorder not work! New Post Malrhas 2017-01-08 2121 Malrhas 3 day(s) ago
Will it be possible to buy spare parts for the Apollo? New BlackNebulaR 3 day(s) ago 043 BlackNebulaR 3 day(s) ago
Some improvement ideas to the software attach_img New BlackNebulaR 3 day(s) ago 066 BlackNebulaR 3 day(s) ago
Vernee Apollo Case New Post diodios 2016-12-11 5602 jefke9999 4 day(s) ago
Calls Stuck at Dialing New Post New BigFazz 4 day(s) ago 139 asmodeus047 4 day(s) ago
User Manual New Post New modekkermark2 4 day(s) ago 151 Kammamuri 4 day(s) ago
New update New Post attach_img Alxz0ne 2017-01-01 6623 Kammamuri 4 day(s) ago
Apollo disconnects from mobile network in standby New Post  ...23 ObiBenKinobi 2017-01-10 25540 magicghoul 6 day(s) ago
Space under status bar attach_img magicghoul 7 day(s) ago 4141 mdes 7 day(s) ago
Battery Life? New Post New Jason 7 day(s) ago 195 magicghoul 7 day(s) ago
Root Apollo? New Post magicghoul 2017-01-07 3352 Alxz0ne 2017-01-16 20:31
No Cellular Network New Post kiddali 2017-01-11 3107 Alxz0ne 2017-01-16 18:52
VR goggles Apollo x25 New Post Hermannforyou 2017-01-16 095 Hermannforyou 2017-01-16 03:10
Possible New ROM From fards? No1VIPER 2017-01-13 2199 No1VIPER 2017-01-15 20:20
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