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ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4 attach_img Verevka 2017-02-10 8751 dillrio 2 hour(s) ago
Vernee promised nougat in December  ...23456..7 Bibou0007 2016-12-16 6913728 bohzo 2 hour(s) ago
Problem TYPE-C New Post  ...2 krime 2017-02-02 13607 Trojanere 2 hour(s) ago
how is possible to block some incoming calls from contacts (italian too) New Post we2bo 2017-01-31 8260 Trojanere 3 hour(s) ago
No mobile data on my new Apollo Lite phone New Post attach_img eagle8411 2016-08-05 4416 Trojanere 3 hour(s) ago
Power/volume buttons don't work New Post New vahaiya Yesterday 18:27 246 vahaiya Yesterday 22:55
DEEP SLEEP FIXED by the MAD TEAM  ...2 Siggy 2017-02-10 191325 DerTeufel 3 day(s) ago
Does Apollo lite support WiFi calling ? New Post New peter931 3 day(s) ago 061 peter931 3 day(s) ago
M.A.D 7.1.1 Stable 1  ...23 Moessie900 2016-12-30 233460 tester 5 day(s) ago
vernee apollo touchscreen not responding New Post New dade 6 day(s) ago 169 chaojian 5 day(s) ago
Select Boot Menu - Freeze (Recovery) New Post attach_img Ujishi 7 day(s) ago 2173 Sonic1SVK 7 day(s) ago
Type-c sound doesn't work New Post attach_img StifMeister 2017-02-09 8247 chaojian 7 day(s) ago
Problem with vol Buttons New Post Gorky65 2017-02-14 1106 chaojian 7 day(s) ago
Battery Problems New Post attach_img proprio 2017-01-13 7656 proprio 2017-02-14 19:30
How to enter to recovery mode for Apollo Lite Smartphone attach_img Dav 2016-08-12 82854 chaojian 2017-02-14 15:23
Apollo Lite Pc-suite? New Post per 2017-02-12 3235 johnrock 2017-02-14 07:27
[Bug]NO INTERNET (3G/4G - nothing at all) New Post attach_img elninnyo 2017-02-09 7321 fakirr1 2017-02-12 08:32
how can i install the stock ROM from PC New Post Sasra 2017-02-11 0142 Sasra 2017-02-11 02:18
quick charger for the car? New Post attach_img  ...2 ProfePaco 2017-01-26 10464 almanos 2017-02-10 17:15
You have a Vernee Apollo Lite? MUST HAVE GAMES AND APP here (UPDATED!!!) attach_img  ...234 Zorikage 2016-11-14 302769 Zorikage 2017-02-10 08:04
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