Title: Thor Plus back/app sensitive buttons randomely work [Print this page]

Author: Ppic    Time: 2017-11-16 03:44
Title: Thor Plus back/app sensitive buttons randomely work

Author: Apelsin4ik    Time: 2017-12-04 22:29
Edited by Apelsin4ik at 2017-12-04 22:47

1) Hello , i have the same problmes...the sensitive buttons, randomly works ( together) not sepparatelly . No reset/reboot/switch off....solving this problem . That was first.

2)First of all camera dissapointed me was perfectly clear,but working good only when day light , at night NOTHING you can see.
3)Was an uptdate, updated...yes, it solved the light problem, but the quality is worser, focus works badly (feeling that when you turning left-right ) its working on 0.3mpx ...old phone in minecraft. i need to not move for 1-3 secs without ...breathing make a good photo ...4)And the most big problem is that someone calls me , i must switch loud and back to caller can hear me . also he cant ! GSM calls directly are not working ( caller doesn`t hear me ,but i hear him perfectly , and the mic is very very bad ...i need to scream in mic to caller hear me ) .....i am very mad...when i am at work ...and i need to do many things but when call, i can`t answer... only on the loud....
5)too bad that the phone comes without headphones and case (metal body is pretty fast scratching...) i had mhy own headphones, but  after 20 times of insert in ...and out ...the 3.5 out is pretty hard to insert in or out the jack . so it scratchet the 3.5mm jack of my headphones and now i must buy another ones... well. I hope the new updates will resolve that problems ... i understand that the model is new and fresh . But , Dear , Vernee soft developers , the phone looks good, good display , but the sound dinamics are not so laud . Hope to see soon the solving for these problems . Regards, thank you ! =)  

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