Title: Vernee Apollo Lite VS Oneplus 3: Appearance and Design Comparison! [Print this page]

Author: celine    Time: 2016-06-28 13:55
Title: Vernee Apollo Lite VS Oneplus 3: Appearance and Design Comparison!

The presale of vernee Apollo Lite is drawing to a close and the shipment of pre-orders will start soon.
As one of the few deca-core smartphones in 2016, many more Apollo Lite real photos finally come out of surface.

For a high-end smartphone, people usually pay great attention to its decent specifications and neglect the appearance and industry design.
However, vernee has never neglected these and shows a great craftmanship in the two aspects.

This time, vernee made a comparison between its coming flagship Apollo Lite and the newly launched Oneplus 3.
This video will give you a basic understanding how the two are different in appearance and industrial design.


What¡¯s more, vernee also made a video which shows the real viewing effect of Apollo Lite.


In addition, vernee official is going to host a campaign for Apollo Lite andThor from the beginning of July.
There will be 2 activities during this campaign period:
1, Limited Flash Sale for these 2 models
2, Win free Apollo Lite and Thor official website will release the campaign details later.

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