Title: NEW Vernee Apollo Lite Unboxing [ Russian ] [Print this page]

Author: Moessie900    Time: 2016-07-28 13:10
Title: NEW Vernee Apollo Lite Unboxing [ Russian ]

Author: wow1one    Time: 2016-07-28 15:17
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Author: Alecs    Time: 2016-08-25 02:39
Good afternoon. I have the phone 2 weeks. I am pleased. Everything works well. I have a lot of different applications. Charge the battery can be stored for 2 days. Recently I received the first update 27.07. There were two problems: 1) disappeared 4K camera. 2) The phone stopped now connects to the computer through the wire. Vindovs can not find the necessary drivers. Please correct the problem.

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