Title: Fellow members: PLEASE help keeping the forum organized [Print this page]

Author: JP_PT    Time: 2016-07-30 09:55
Title: Fellow members: PLEASE help keeping the forum organized

Dear fellow Apollo Lite forum members/participants:

May I ask you a favor, please:

I have several doubts that if we keep messing around here we will be able to attract new developers, knowledgeable members and power users to read and reply to our real topics/posts/questions/issues/problems. They will not want to waste their time for sure and will not come here to help us.

With many off-topics (and shitposting) as we have already, opening several topics for the same issue, rant posts all the time about 3rd party online shops, shipping dates and tracking codes we will not get the attention to the real important issues for Apollo Lite users. Indeed this forum is not the easiest one to navigate, post order is sometimes random, design is far from perfect, poor moderation from Vernee and, if we add on the top of that, off-topic and spam we will end up with an unusable forum.

Let's try to make this Vernee Apollo Lite forum work, for us and with us ;)

Thank you very much indeed!

Best regards.

Author: Ninoslav    Time: 2016-08-20 04:56
Edited by Ninoslav at 2016-08-19 22:02

Tottaly agree!!!Same problems,issues on 10 places!.Including me!And i sugges that someone take charge of forum as a ADMIN or contact Vernee to allow ADMIN here!

Author: velottante    Time: 2016-08-20 15:37
Edited by velottante at 2016-08-20 15:39

Well said! I appreciate there are some owners experiencing problems with their phones which need to be sorted out, however, looking through other comments, there are others who seem to not have these problems either. That tells me there are either QA problems with some batches (& as someone noted, they may have rushed out the phones before really putting them through proper testing) & there are some batches that are working okay.

I think if we can get a fully tested firmware update, this may solve a lot of the noise & disappointment being heard. Also, rather than paint the entire Vernee company with a black brush, look for some constructive suggestions & involvement from Dev's to fully utilize the potential of this phone. I doubt this will happen if we continue in the vein of what's being written on this forum.

I see that Vernee has asked for some Dev's to start getting involved & have approached Cyanogen as well. Again, this tells me that they may be struggling with the firmware.

All of this is my opinion & may be I'm way off in what's really happening, but I for one am willing to wait & see how all of this evolves......
Author: Mr.smith    Time: 2016-10-13 11:57
necesitamos repuestos de pantallas urgentemente, yo soy uno de los muchos poseedores de un apollo lite con pantalla rota, una solucion ya queremos, hemos pagado entre 200 y 240 por un telefono hace dos meses y no queremos tener nuestras pantallas rotas. si siguen asi perderan la confianza de sus clientes

Author: r0n    Time: 2016-10-13 13:07
It would help a lot if there where stickies:
- Common issues with solutions/work arounds/....
- TWRP and Rooting (the topic is already there).
- Firmware (where to find firmwares) and flashing instructions (topic is also there)
- ...etc

And active moderation. I think it doesn't have to be that "active",  first a few days (or a week?) of pruning the first couple of pages of the posts) and giving out warnings/notifications ("Post issues here..." , "This has already been asked.." , ...)
Then moderate every # days? (or once a week).

Add a notification block above a post asking to use search first for example.
The bottom of each post doesn't seem to help at all, (Report your problem... , Thor bug... Tips: Forum community....), put it below or above the text input field where the user creates/edits/reply post.

Maybe dropdown listbox above the reply/edit post inputfield, that dropdown listbox would then contain:
- Issue / problems
- Firmware, flashing

Once an item is selected, and user presses the 'reply'-button, the user's post is automatically posted in the correct thread.
(or the user gets a notification that the current topic location is not the correct one).

A touchy subject and I mean no disrespect but some kind of "enforcement" of posting in proper English (and I know, my English is not nowhere near good). But often users just post in their own language leaving the other users to use google translate.
Why not the other way around? Or the English is so broken that it's difficult to make sense of it.
Again please, do not take offense at what I am saying. I mean no disrespect or to be offensive.
Off course, threads which are dedicated to one user language group should be allowed (and maybe actively enforced), there is already one which is a good example.

In any case I'm just spitballing a few ideas, it's all up to Vernee to decide.
The above mentioned are ideas not demands, just something to think of.
(But at least stickies could help a lot...imho)
Author: BiNiKCNiCH    Time: 2016-10-15 02:58
@r0n, you say it. I also don't understand why the people in their own language write.

We are here in an english board, so please @all, post your topics in englisch.
Author: sacrim    Time: 2016-10-15 06:47
Stupid peoples .......only english motherfu... Not all the language

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