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What news does Android Marshmallow?

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What news does Android Marshmallow?

The SetupWizard that appears the first time that we started the device after buying it,or restart it factory, now allows us to add more e-mail addresses so that we donot have to then open the Gmail application to do the job.

Add more mail accounts from the wizard

The setupwizard that appears the first time you start the device after purchase, orafter restarting factory, now allow us to add more email addresses so that wedo not then open the Gmail application to make that task.

Display of lock

The lockscreen is slightly renewed in Android M. Now access that had access to calls onthe left side has been replaced by access to Google voice commands. Now toaccess access to the camera and voice commands is that slide was the sides ontheir icons, because no vale slip from either side, with what arranged theproblem that had in Lollipop when we wanted to slide a notification by mistakewe entered in the Chamber or implementation of calls. Another change in thescreen of lock is that the time is in bold and the date and time are inuppercase and in a text more large.
Launcher of applications

TheLauncher of applications Google Now Launcher receives news in Android M. debutsnew drawer of applications vertical, rated with lyrics, with search andparagraph to applications recent. The drawer of widgets also is renewed toclassify them widgets by applications in a list vertical. And finally, now wecan if we drag a shortcut from an application will appear to us the option touninstall the application along with the previous option to delete only theshortcut on the desktop.

Control of volume

Android Mrenews its volume control recovering old mode silence that disappeared inLollipop. This new sound control allows us to deploy the volume of tone,multimedia and alarm controls.

Do not disturb

With thenew volume control priority interrupts have been quick settings low-new name of"Not disturb". By pressing the button "Do not disturb" andfind the way total silence, only alarms and only priority.

"Donot disturb" configuration allows us to configure notifications arepriority and create rules of automation, with schedule rules and rules ofevents to say that circumstances want to activate mode only total silence,priority notifications or just want to sound the alarm.

Administrator's permissions

PermissionsManager is one of the most important novelties of Android M. Finally we candecide that permissions can access each application, to further ensure yourprivacy and security. We can only manage permissions for calendar, contacts,camera, microphone, SMS, sensors, phone and location.

Domain URL

With URL ofdomain them applications may open directly their links websites for Androiddoes not ask to the user that application use. Thus, for example, if sipulsamos is pressed over a Twitter link opens from the official application,and will not ask if we want to open it in the browser or other application.This option is in "Settings > applications > advanced".

Default applications

In settings> applications > advanced also found a new section to configurethe default applications. There we can say that applications want to usedefault browser, phone and SMS.

Use RAM memory

Also inthese advanced settings of applications we can now see in "Memory"RAM memory consumption that are using our applications, showing in its graphicsif the performance is good.

Greater saving battery

Android Mspin the battery life thanks to "Doze", a new system that willattempt to minimize the wakelocks when the device is not in use, such asbecause we are sleeping. Thus applications will increase the frequency ofsynchronization when we hand the mobile.

Ignore the battery optimizations

In"battery  ignore optimizations"can now say that applications want to ignore optimizations of the battery thatcould apply the system.

Text selection

The newversion of Android Debuts improvement how to select text so that we have morehand their options copy, cut, paste, select all, etc...

USB drive and microSD

Anothervery important development of Android M is that finally officially supports USBdrives. Now you can connect a USB to view our multimedia files or to use it asa means of internal storage, which allows us to install applications on a USBdrive, something very practical especially in Android TV. You can also now setthe microSD as internal memory.

Disable popup notifications

Android Mnotifications settings, also add access to access the application information,now we can disable

Google Settings

GoogleSettings app now integrates with the system settings with its own section. Thuswe no longer have access to the application drawer.

Wifi Zone to 5 GHz

The configurationto create a Wi-Fi Zone now allows us to select the 5 GHz band.

Dark Theme

The Androiddevelopment options now incorporates a dark theme that will allow us to darkgray operating system settings.

Customize Quick Settings

Also indevelopment options are the new "Show Tuner UI system" that willallow us to customize quick settings from "Settings> System UItuner".

Resetting Network Configuration

"Settings>Backup and restore" find the new option to reset the network settings. ourAPN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are restored.

Easter egg

With eachnew version of Android we expect a new egg, and that white M on an orangecircle is the current vector design easter egg previous version. Surely in thefinal version there is a new Easter egg and with dessert chosen by Google.

“Now on Tap”

With thefinal release of Android M will also come "Now on Tap". In thisprevious version is not available, a message appears telling it. Once Googlelaunched this service with just a long press on the Home button on your devicewe will see a card with information about what we are seeing on the screen ofthe application. For example, if we are reading an email from a friend whotells us to go to the cinema to watch a movie by pressing "Now onTap" We the tab of the film appear.

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Android Marshmallow is visually much like its predecessor, Lollipop, in many methods. Google’s material layout language is now extra pervasive than ever earlier than and the primary regions of the UI - settings, notifications shade and navigation - remain equal. however, Marshmallow does have some differences in appearance and new features. Cheap Essay Writing Service

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Marshmallow is the official Android codename for the upcoming 6.0 update of the open source Android mobile operating system. Android Marshmallow refines the enhanced Material Design user interface that first debuted in Lollipop, and it adds support for the new Android Pay system to go along with better app management, improved battery life and built-in support for fingerprint authentication and USB Type-C.  

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