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[News] Vernee's Forum Rules 2019

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Vernee's Forum Rules

All the Vernee Staff are trying to reorganize all the New Forum in new sections and others new details.

Vernee-forum is a discussion forum mainly based on the exchange of experience and sharing of all members about vernee device hardware & software in daily usage,vernee manily assists in maintaining order in the forum.

Any after sale service request relating to device,please directly contact your seller for immidiate help.Thank you.

1.Search before posting.
Use one of our search functions before posting or creating a new thread. Whether you have a question or just something new to share, it's very likely that someone has already asked that question or shared that news.

2.Member conduct.
2.1 Language: vernee-forum is a worldwide community. As a result, what may be OK to say in your part of the world, may not be OK elsewhere. Please don't direct profanity, sexually explicit language or other offensive content toward users or others.
2.2 Nudity: vernee-forum is used by people of all ages, including minors. It is unacceptable to post nude or pornographic imagery, which includes the exposure of male or female genitalia and / or female breasts.
2.3 Flaming / Lack of respect: vernee-forum is about sharing and this does not involve virtual yelling (flaming) or rudeness. Never post in a demanding, argumentative, disrespectful or self-righteous manner.
2.4.All members are expected to read and adhere to the VERNEE forum rules.

3. Post using a clear and descriptive subject and message.
You're most likely to receive a helpful answer to your question, please try to use a short subject title that describes your problem and a message that explains in detail, what your problem is and what you've done to try solving it.

4.About replies and private messages
4.1.Encourage communication and interaction between memebers,any excellent response,vernee will be given NB bonus points or chance to win vernee products for trial.(“NB” credits based on the interaction with our users.)
PS: “NB” credits can be used to redeem physical products or money.
4.2.Any post,in case do not receive a effective reply,please try another way.

5. Use the English language.
We understand that with all the different nationalities, not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you're really unable to post in English, use an online translator.

6.Create a thread or post a message only once.
As a large forum, we don't need unnecessary clutter. You're free to edit your message as you like, so if you do not receive an answer, revisit your message and see if you can describe your problem better. Not everyone is online at the same time so it might take a while before you receive an answer.

7.Do not sell or trade on the forums.
If you wish to advertise a product, simply contact us. We can provide ads once confirmed but you are not permitted to just post it in the forums. If you do, it will be removed and you're likely to receive a ban.
Any post contains advertising nature,including but not limited to adult,pharmaceutical and etc information are forbidden.

8.Android Developers Wanted
We are recruiting Android developers to adapt our devices to all kinds of operating system thus to increase the playability and fix the known bugs.
- Able to develop the operating system or has vernee smartphone in hand;
- Has developed a mature operating system already (ROM adaption for other smartphones);
- No malicious software implanted or other behaviors which affect vernee’s brand;
- Needs to post at least 2 articles about the development or the software every month.

9. Help others if you can.
If you see posts from others where you can help out, please do so. This place exists because people are helping each other, and even if you are relatively new to the matter, there's probably quite a few people with less experience than you, who could benefit from what you've learned. Don't be shy.

10. Create only ONE User Account
You are allowed ONE User Account at vernee-forum. If you create additional accounts, Moderators will disable them and your original account may also be disabled or infracted.
10.1.Not request all members username and password for any reason.
10.2.Not accept any request for account information to modify.
10.3.Delete the account which involved in irregularities,without any official explanation, no account recovery.

11.Keep threads / posts on-topic
Whilst a minor amount of off-topic posting may be overlooked, the general rule is that your posts / threads must be relevant to the Forum / thread in which you are posting.for news and announcements relating to your device.

12.About vernee Events
12.1.All official events which is organized by the Forum,the prize is valid for 15 days unless otherwise stated.
  After 15 days upon unused or acquisition,or a waiver will be deemed.
12.2.Any unidentified and unfair way to get points or prizes,not cash.
12.3.All the winners,vernee will announce via memebers registered email account or forum post.

The Official reserves the right to interpret and explain the rules.

Vernee team

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