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By now I am using the Vernee Active for about three month.
It is replacing my trusty five year old Google Nexus 5 which is in well-deserved retirement now.

I do like the rugged feeling of the Vernee Active and that it brings some weight with it.
All in all the look and feel of the phone is very good and looks well made.

The Vernee Active brings a smooth and fast user experience, regardless what App I have tried, until now the Vernee Active has handled everything.
Also the storage is more than sufficient with 128GB in total (110GB are useable).
And this is not enough, there is a possibility to extend this Storage. Perfect.

If there is no flash card in the Vernee Active you can use two different Sim-Cards which is good for people who need two different telephone numbers for what reason ever.

All connectors, sockets, card trays are behind a waterproof flap which is good for any outdoor use.
Accidently I tried the ruggedness of the phone by letting in fall on a hard tile floor from approximately 1m height and the Vernee Active did not have a scratch from the fall.
I am quiet pleased with this as well.

For me the biggest advantage of the Vernee Active is the battery with 4200mAh capacity.(manufacturer declaration)
I am not able to test the manufacturer declaration of the capacity.
But I do know that the battery is good for two days of normal use. (Making and receiving calls, writing e-mails, instant messenger, reading news, checking weather, listening to podcasts, browsing the internet,…)
For comparison: The battery of my five-year-old Google Nexus was good for around 10h of my normal use.

The GPS receiver is good and accurate.
I do not use the Phone often for navigation, but if I need it it has to work and the Vernee Active performs flawless with different navigation Apps.

But, where there is light, most of the time there is shadow as well.

The cameras of the phone are rubbish!
Do not get me wrong, the resolution is good, but resolution is not everything.
My five-year-old Google Nexus 5 has a 8MP rear camera, the Vernee Active has a16MP.
While the file size of the pictures of the Vernee Active are considerably bigger then the file size of pictures of the Nexus 5, the quality of the pictures of the Nexus 5 are better by leagues!
Even the front camera pictures of the Google Nexus 5 is better in quality than the rear camera pictures of the Vernee Active.

And this is the same with the front camera.
The quality is just rubbish.
I am ashamed to use it for video-telephony.

I am very disappointed by the cameras and would not have bought the Vernee Active if I had knew this before.
I still hope that a system-update will fix this problem, but since January there were no updates of this phone.

I am often outdoors for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, riding my bikes, ect. and most of the time I do just have my smartphone with me and I do use it to take pictures with it all the time.
So the camera is important for me.

Also the Bluetooth-connection to Headsets, or my cars Radio for handy-free operation often breaks down mid-call.
On the phones screen I can see that Bluetoothsymbol in the traybar is disappearing and appearing again after a moment.
But it will not reconnect to the hands-free-device, I do have to restart the hands-free device in order to reconnect it to the Vernee active.

I have the hope that this is just a software bug, which will solved in a coming release.

If I can provide Data to solve these Issues, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

My Summery:

+ Battery
+ smooth user experience
+ sufficient storage
+ rugged
+ water proof (-isch)
+ High quality look and feel

- Cameras are rubbish!
- Bluetooth connection breakdowns

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 Author| Balu86 Post time 2018-07-02 20:21:35 | Show all posts
Since haven′t got any qualified answer from Vernee on this post or a similar e-mail I will skip to a rugged Smartphone from another Brand and will not buy anything from Vernee again.

Quiet sad that it is possible for a company just make good ads, do not stand for their promises and survive with this strategy somehow...

If Vernee is reading this and has the wish to speak to me, contact me via e-mail, you (Edward Liu) have the address.
Since I am looking for another Brand phone, there is no need for me to come back to this Forum.
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