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Well said! I appreciate there are some owners experiencing problems with their phones which need to be sorted out, however, looking through other comments, there are others who seem to not have these problems either. That tells me there are either QA problems with some batches (& as someone noted, they may have rushed out the phones before really putting them through proper testing) & there are some batches that are working okay.

I think if we can get a fully tested firmware update, this may solve a lot of the noise & disappointment being heard. Also, rather than paint the entire Vernee company with a black brush, look for some constructive suggestions & involvement from Dev's to fully utilize the potential of this phone. I doubt this will happen if we continue in the vein of what's being written on this forum.

I see that Vernee has asked for some Dev's to start getting involved & have approached Cyanogen as well. Again, this tells me that they may be struggling with the firmware.

All of this is my opinion & may be I'm way off in what's really happening, but I for one am willing to wait & see how all of this evolves......
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